Revitalise and Rejuvenate Your Eyes Today with RETANE.

Tired of dry and tired eyes? We have the perfect solution for you! RETANE’s formula provides long-lasting relief for dry and tired eyes by hydrating and retaining moisture all day. Unlock the power of hydrated eyes to conquer challenges effortlessly. Live life fully without dry and itchy eyes. Protect your eyes from dryness and discomfort caused by harsh elements. Trust RETANE for clear vision, hydration, and eye protection.

Advanced Eye Care Solution !

Refresh Tired Eyes

RETANE eye drops are essential for refreshing tired eyes. This solution lubricates and refreshes the eyes like natural tears.

RETANE improves eye comfort and reduces fatigue. Remember to maintain good eye habits and stay hydrated.

Relieves Dry, Irritated eyes

RETANE is the perfect solution for dry, irritated eyes as it mimics natural tears, moisturising and lubricating your eyes. 

RETANE relieves discomfort and restores moisture balance. Important for eye health and comfort.

Prevent Further Eye Irritation

Preventing eye irritation is essential as it affects the quality of life. Regular use of RETANE reduces eye discomfort as it lubricates and hydrates the eyes, protecting against irritation. 

Suffering from the following conditions ?

RETANE is the perfect solution for you!

Recommended Dosage

1-2 drops in each eye, 5-6 times daily or as recommended by the healthcare professional


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